Candy Box Red

The Candy Box Red stands out with its attractive and beautiful design adorned with colorful cardboard and...
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Candy Box Red

Candy Box Red

QAR 19,00 QAR 12,00

Candy Box Red

QAR 19,00 QAR 12,00
Style: With Candy

The Candy Box Red stands out with its attractive and beautiful design adorned with colorful cardboard and playful illustrations. These delightful details make it eye-catching. It can serve multiple purposes, as it can be used not only for storing chocolates but also for organizing and storing small toys.

Product Components:

Size: 5*7 cm

Material: Paper

Intended Use: Storing chocolates - Organizing and storing small toys- School favors - Occasion favors - hospitality box- garangao celebration.

Model Number: RDP0018.

Product Specifications:

Unique Design: The Candy Box Red features a unique and appealing design, shaped like a colorful cardboard bag with attractive illustrations, making it appealing to children and capturing their attention.

Versatile: In addition to storing chocolates, the Candy Box can also be used to store small toys, ensuring organization and durability for the contents. It can also be used for school and occasion favors, enhancing the aesthetics of parties and events.

Perfect Gift: The Candy Box is an excellent gift for our children on special occasions such as birthdays or academic achievements. It creates a sweet and enjoyable experience for children, representing a gift that carries joy and fun.

Environmentally Friendly: The Candy Box helps reduce the use of traditional plastic bags, contributing to environmental conservation and reducing plastic waste.

Ease of Use: The Candy Box features a simple and practical design that allows children to easily open and close it, providing them with an easy and convenient usage experience.

Garangao celebration: Candy boxes are widely used in the annual Garangao celebration Qatar. These boxes are decorated with bright colors and beautiful designs, and filled with traditional local sweets.

Order the Candy Box now for an organized and distinctive experience with your children's chocolates!

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