Automatic Balloon Air Pump

Automatic Balloon Air Pump is a perfect companion for all your party and decorative needs. It allows...
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Automatic Balloon Air Pump

Automatic Balloon Air Pump

QAR 109,00 QAR 79,00

Automatic Balloon Air Pump

QAR 109,00 QAR 79,00

Automatic Balloon Air Pump is a perfect companion for all your party and decorative needs. It allows you to easily fill the balloons and then use them for all your decorative needs. The air pump has a wire storage bin that allows you to keep your space clean after use. Thanks to the automatic protection device, the air pump disconnects itself automatically when it is left unattended for too long.Power supply: AC 220V-240V

Product Components:

Material: Polypropylene.

Weight: 800 grams.

Product Dimensions: 20.6 cm (length) × 15.5 cm (width) × 14.5 cm (height)

Power Source: Battery-operated

Operating Mode: Automatic, semi-automatic.

Product Code: RDP0021


  • Do not leave the inflator unattended while it is in operation.
  • Do not use in wet conditions, and do not allow sand, small rocks, or other objects to enter the inflation openings when using the inflator.
  • Do not look into the inflation openings or direct them towards your eyes when the inflator is in operation.
  • Do not attempt to insert your hand or fingers into the inflation openings at any time.

Product Features:

  1. you won't have to worry about manually filling balloons or using inefficient tools. It provides you with speed and efficiency in the inflation process.
  2. The inflator comes in standard dimensions and is suitable for use in weddings, engagements, and other events. It needs to be connected to a power source for use. The inflator can be used to inflate multiple balloons at any event, making assembly easier and saving time and effort.
  3. The inflator can be used to inflate  metal number and letter balloons, and its portable design makes it easy to use anywhere. The inflator can also be used for various activities and celebrations.
  4. The inflator features an adjustable automatic distributor based on the material's size, inflation time, and setup location, and the inflator nozzle is very durable. The inflator can be used to decorate happy birthday parties for both children and adults.
  5. This electric machine is used for inflators and electronic balloon pumps to easily decorate balloons for birthday parties, bright light celebrations, and bulk package decorations. Please avoid using the inflator continuously for longer periods to prevent overheating issues.

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